What is this?

You verify your automatic backups frequently? I think so. Do you verify that your automatic certificate renewal works? Not many do that.
Meet Certmail. Whenever we see a new certificate on one of your domains, you will get a calendar entry for each domain expiry via email. Automatically. For every new certificate.
1 domain is free. Up to 100 domains for 1,50€/month.

Data Privacy is one of our highest goals, so we store the absolute minimum of your data. You can read our full gdpr compliant privacy policy.

How does it work?

You provide us with one or more domain names. We frequently check port 443 behind the IP address of your domain(s) for new certificates.
If we detect a new certificate, you receive an e-mail from us, containing a calendar entry request (.ics file).
You simply have to add this calendar entry. On the day of expiry, your calendar will remind you to check that your certificates are up-to-date.


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